THE WHOLE 9 YARDS – Fun Ways To Style The Saree

The saree is a staple piece in every Indian woman’s wardrobe, regardless of how often you wear it. For me, it’s something that I am always looking to reinvent season after season, year after year.

I am always asked for my opinion on sarees and their presence in everyone’s wardrobes. But that’s a lengthy topic for another time, here are some fun ways you can wear your sarees without much hassle!

LOOK 1 – The Cool Jacket Layer

WHAT – The Cool Jacket Layer

HOW – Add a sporty jacket to your saree and wear it with the sleeves pushed up or just drape it over your shoulder loosely.

WHERE – Great for college or casual events

LOOK 2 – The Corset Belt

WHAT – The Corset Belt

HOW – Add an oversized belt over the pallu to define the fall. Use a plain belt over a printed saree and pair it with a tube top as a blouse.

WHERE – A stand out look for events such as art exhibitions or gallery openings

LOOK 3 – The Ever-Ready Bridesmaid Look

WHAT – The Ever-Ready Bridesmaid Look

HOW – A variation of the belted saree, tie a fanny pack around your waist to keep the saree in place and for storing all your essentials.

WHERE – The perfect accessory for your BFF’s wedding!

LOOK 4 – The Half Drape

WHAT – The Half Drape

HOW – Drape the saree normally; once pleated, pull up the pleats on one side and tighten the pallu accordingly. Wear it with a simple tank and some denim for the ultimate desi-grunge look!

WHERE – Wear it to college and turn heads with this look!

LOOK 5 – The Gutsy Knot

WHAT – The Gutsy Knot

HOW – Drape the saree casually over your shoulder like a shawl and tie it at the front. Wear a pullover or a sweater as the blouse to get this look.

WHERE – Perfect for cold weather events or evening soirées.

LOOK 6 – The Cold Weather Saviour

WHAT – The Cold Weather Saviour

HOW – Tired of holding your pallu everywhere? Drape it like a scarf and be hassle free.

WHERE – Ideal for a sangeet, where you can dance the night away without worrying about your outfit.

LOOK 7 – The Elegant Trench Look

WHAT – The Elegant Trench Look

HOW – Wear a casual saree with a denim trench for a cool and put-together ensemble.

WHERE – A creative look for brunch with your girls

LOOK 8 – The Dupatta Drape

WHAT – The Dupatta Drape

HOW – Give your pallu a twist by pulling it across your shoulders like a dupatta for a somber and sophisticated look.

WHERE – Great for family events or office parties, where you can make an elegant statement.

LOOK 9 – The Cool-Girl Cap

WHAT – The Cool-Girl Cap

HOW – This look’s the simplest, really! Finding a cap and saree that go together, will be the ultimate challenge.

WHERE – A standout look for casual events


That’s all folks! Which were your favourite looks? Let me know your thoughts and what more you would like me to write about in the comments section. If you try out any of these looks, make sure you tag me on Instagram @masabagupta and use #FolksOfMasaba!



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  1. Wow!its just amazing ❤️I love all the ways of styling r rocking mam 🤗Will hope u will give us more fashion style

  2. Wow 💛 masaba I just loved all the styling the saree I just couldn’t take out my eyes from the first look that was so nice crazy one

  3. Simply amazing Masaba….since ever you have made traditional wear so much wearable and loaded with style…well done on your post as well…good going and goodluck to you…

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