Summer time means friends, fun, and unfortunately the other f-word. Frizz. During the summer, the added humidity really hits your hair hard. Excessive exposure to the sun can cause your hair to become dry and brittle. The good news is, this year the summer heat doesn’t need to wreak havoc on your hair!

First off let me start by saying, I love my curly hair! My voluminous hair and springy curls are bold and stand out in a crowd; they also are a lot to handle. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great hairstylists who have shared insider secrets and hacks to help me maintain my hair, which tends to start acting funky during the summer.

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THE WHOLE 9 YARDS – Fun Ways To Style The Saree

The saree is a staple piece in every Indian woman’s wardrobe, regardless of how often you wear it. For me, it’s something that I am always looking to reinvent season after season, year after year.

I am always asked for my opinion on sarees and their presence in everyone’s wardrobes. But that’s a lengthy topic for another time, here are some fun ways you can wear your sarees without much hassle!

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DIET, DON’T DIE – AT IT (Part 2)

Welcome back! As promised, here’s the second part of Diet, Don’t Die-At It. Thank you so much for all the lovely feedback on the first part of this blog. I really hope all my advice has been helpful for you guys. Believe me, I get it, staying healthy and keeping the extra kilos off is hard but I have a few tricks up my sleeve that make it a little bit easier.

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DIET, DON’T DIE – AT IT (Part 1)

There are somethings that just don’t seem to go away, like crazy exes, annoying acne, and the most annoying of them all, the few extra kilos that you put on while snacking and binge-watching Game of Thrones. If you’re reading this then like me, you’re probably constantly obsessing over your weight and what you’re eating. Presuming, I am correct, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite recipes and nutrition plans that I use to keep those extra calories far away from me. Maintaining a balanced diet, eating regularly, and keeping an eye on my meal timings is my secret to success. For me, a diet doesn’t really mean that you have to starve yourself, I think it’s a lot more about eating the right foods, in the right quantities, and at the right time.

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I have had the good fortune of working with incredible makeup artists and learning tricks from them by simply observing them. Often, I have places to go to where I don’t have the luxury of spending 2 hours getting ready for hair and makeup. Since I was a teenager, I enjoyed doing my own makeup! Today’s beauty tutorial doesn’t really stand a chance against the kind of beauty tutorials you see on social media, it’s a slightly different take on makeup, one which is more natural and fairly easy to do. It takes me about 20 minutes, at most, to create this look and I am happy to walk you through every step of it. However, the right products are crucial for achieving this look, but I will list them all down for you. I am still trying to figure out how to contour correctly, how to prep my skin for makeup – it is really not my forte – which you will see in my video. But for the rest of the things, I have constantly been playing around with different styles and this is how far I have gotten.

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Let me start by saying, WELCOME TO MY FIRST BLOG!!! Actually, this is not a blog, it’s more like my little corner; it’s me being candid & honest and sharing bits of my personal and professional lives with you – no holds barred.

I am so excited to be able to engage with you on this level! I get so many questions and in this little corner of mine, I’m going to try and answer the pertinent ones as often as I can and in as much detail as possible.

Come hang with me on this mad rollercoaster of Fashion, Beauty, along with things that piss me off and the things that make me happy! Since I am a very passionate writer, please bear with me as I pour my thoughts out, I mean no harm!! 🙂

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