DIET, DON’T DIE – AT IT (Part 1)

There are somethings that just don’t seem to go away, like crazy exes, annoying acne, and the most annoying of them all, the few extra kilos that you put on while snacking and binge-watching Game of Thrones. If you’re reading this then like me, you’re probably constantly obsessing over your weight and what you’re eating. Presuming, I am correct, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite recipes and nutrition plans that I use to keep those extra calories far away from me. Maintaining a balanced diet, eating regularly, and keeping an eye on my meal timings is my secret to success. For me, a diet doesn’t really mean that you have to starve yourself, I think it’s a lot more about eating the right foods, in the right quantities, and at the right time.

I love my classic Indian food and I must stress upon the importance of embracing Indian foods and spices. I think these days, we all get very carried away by Western foods and eating habits; but before we all run to the food store, don’t forget to consider that Indian foods and spices are renowned around the world for being superfoods and having medicinal benefits.

My zucchini roti puts a yummy twist on a traditional Indian staple. It’s healthy, delicious, and one of my favourites. Nothing can beat a freshly cooked homemade meal that tastes better than a professional restaurant made dish! And unlike restaurant dishes you know exactly what’s going in to this. The fact that it isn’t heavy on your pocket is always an added plus! I make these rotis at least once a week and I am completely obsessed with them.

The best thing is that it puts a tasty twist on a vegetable which honestly, I used to hate eating before.

Zucchini is definitely an overlooked vegetable. It’s-

•Extremely healthy and low-carb.

•A great source of potassium which helps moderate blood pressure

•Counters the effects of too much sodium in our diet.

•Fights against water retention (no more puffy eyes!)


1 zucchini

100 grams multigrain atta

Chopped coriander

Salt, to taste

Water, as needed

All-purpose flour


1. Using a small grater, grate 100 grams of zucchini

2. In a mixing bowl, add the grated zucchini, chopped coriander, salt, and multigrain atta

3. Knead it into a soft dough (add water as needed)

4. Make 12-15 balls from the dough

5. Dust a dough ball with all-purpose flour and roll out thin rotis

6. Heat a pan. Sprinkle some olive oil and gently place the roti onto a hot pan.

7. Cook the roti on a simmer flame, on both sides, until it is well cooked.

8. Repeat steps 6-7 for all of the dough balls.

9. Serve hot.

If you love spice then try this variation to the recipe! Using the same ingredients make a puree of the zucchini with some green chilli and coriander. Then, follow the same method to make the atta and rotis. If you’re gluten-free, substitute the all-purpose flour with ragi atta.

We all fall off the wagon occasionally, for months like those, I turn to my go-to “back on track diet” whenever I need a pick me up. This diet does exactly what its name suggests, it helps you get back on track whenever you fall off the healthy life wagon. This plan is ideal for those who do mild to rigorous workouts. The idea behind this plan is to eat foods that are voluminous and satisfy hunger. You eat less but you’re eating foods that are filling and have high nutrition values. This plan doesn’t necessarily get rid of extra kilos but it makes sure that you aren’t putting on any more.


•2 egg white omelettes

•1 black tea or coffee

Snack 1:

•5 unsalted almonds

•5 unsalted pistachios

•1 unsalted walnut


•1 bowl raw salad

•1 bowl fish or chicken

•1 bowl cooked vegetable

•1 bowl vegetable soup

Snack 2:

•1 bowl curd with cut vegetables or fruits


•1 bowl raw salad

•1 bowl fish or chicken

•1 bowl cooked vegetable

•1 bowl non-veg soup

Snack 3:

•1 apple

If you’re like me and you need a bit of masala in your food, here’s an easy and healthy snack for you to munch on in the evenings.  Roast makhana with ghee in a pan, and mix in haldi, mirchi, and salt for a crunchy and flavourful snack.

This is what works for my body type, I tend to put on weight easily and lose weight easily too. I’m also really active and I workout regularly. Alter your diet based on your activity levels, job, and lifestyle.

Well, that’s it for today folks! What do you guys do to stay fit and healthy? I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Let me know what you do in the comments!

The next part of this post will be coming up soon! Stay tuned!



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  1. Hey masaba! I am soooo happy that you have started to write blogs..
    You are my inspiration.. n its my dream to wear your designed dress in my lifetime❤
    God bless you.. be happy?

  2. Masaba!
    Love reading your blog mainly because you write about facts and what works in reality.
    Love coming back to your blog.❤️?

    1. HONEST diet plan !!One of the reason I love the brand Masaba is its an honest effort and it reflects authentic you and most of us can relate a lot to you.
      I discovered this kind of diet from upasana kamineni and it really worked for me.
      YES! Most of us relate a lot to you be it the taste in our food or the thought process in food,makeup and lif. For me your blog is Honestly from the heart.
      Loads of love from hyd stay amazing!

  3. Hey masaba,nice blog a huge fan n I look forward to any update from your side on social media like like crazy,I love everything you do n you truly are an inspiration.without even knowing you for real.. i love you m adore you totally . ?

  4. thanx for sharing this mam..i m gonma try this as soon as possible..specially that roti..much love mam❤
    as i m pure plan is also very simple..
    to stay fit in breakfast i eat soaked dry fruits nd full glass of milk
    snack 1=fruits
    lunch=a bowl of salid,1 roti nd bowl of vegetable
    snack 2 -chickpeas nd then green tea
    after workout i ete some grape fruit
    dinner-1 roti with vegetable ..or a bowl of vegetable or dal

    some times i eat brown bread sandwich or banana in snacking ..nd i make sure i drink 8 glasses of warm water per day …by following this one can stay fit nd lose 300 grms per day as i lose 5 kgs nd feel more active then i was before…but doing excercise is must..nd i also make sure m not taking less then 1200 calories per day either i want to stay fit or on diet ..

  5. Great recepies!!love to follow the diet tips and the blog is simply amazing.want some more for low carb diet and glowing skin.great work?

  6. Love the post! My body type is very similar. I gain and lose really fast. So far I have struggled with maintaining the weight loss. This time I’m trying to look at is as a lifestyle (sounds easy but takes a lot of effort to actually make it that… but who wants to give up right :)?)
    I think the first thing I check on is my water consumption. As soon as I’m slipping and eating wrong foods I just know I’m drinking less water too. So I up my water more.
    Also, I reduce the carbs ( I don’t eliminate it) but increase the vegetables as well.
    Overall getting back on the plan feels annoying the first few days and then it gets easier and you wonder what on earth made you eat anything other than health foods :-p
    Excited to try the zucchini roti soon! Thanku ?❤️

  7. Love the post… But i just have to say this. I love your mom more ?! Used to watch her on tv, and absolutely loved her performance in Khujli! Neena Gupta… You rock!

  8. Such an honest & practical plan. Hey even I make zuccini roti but I also make bittlegourd rotis. They also yum & healthy. Along with makhana, I also bake some healthier options of cookies & granola bars. Love your blog as always ❤

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