The beginning of the 10th year of House of Masaba has made me nostalgic about how it all started almost a decade ago. We have grown form an in-house (literally) fashion brand, to a well-known Indian brand with a global presence!

So, join me today, as I take a walk down memory lane.

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GLOBAL MUSE – Style Has No Borders

As the brand enters its 10th year celebrations, we look back to how we have grown from a small start-up, to a notable Indian brand with vast global appeal! With every upcoming year the aim has been to expand our horizons, try and reach out to as many women as we can who love the brand for what it is, which is fearless, independent, individualistic, & kitsch!

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It has been a long summer. Truly! I am sure everyone must be waiting impatiently for the rains to come and put an end to this blistering heat! Summer also meant the onslaught of weddings and going to a ton of festivities of your near and dear ones. These celebrations mean bringing out the heavy and traditional attires from the back of your closet or raiding your mom’s wardrobe for sarees (guilty).

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Hi guys! It’s the middle of summer and I am at odds whether to love the sunny days or hate the sweltering heat! But, in the middle of this dilemma, I have noticed a new trend taking over the globe – yep, I am taking about the ever present sunshine yellow! From clothes to accessories and buildings to wall art, yellow is all over the place, especially among the younger generation. As you all know, I am all about ‘em bright colours, the bolder and brighter, the better! So, read on for my take on this up-and-coming trend.

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THE WHOLE 9 YARDS – Fun Ways To Style The Saree

The saree is a staple piece in every Indian woman’s wardrobe, regardless of how often you wear it. For me, it’s something that I am always looking to reinvent season after season, year after year.

I am always asked for my opinion on sarees and their presence in everyone’s wardrobes. But that’s a lengthy topic for another time, here are some fun ways you can wear your sarees without much hassle!

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