About Me

Hi guys! You might find it strange to see me on this platform, especially such an overused one, but I feel like this provides me with a great space to converse freely & interact with you.

Think of this more as a journal where I share my thoughts with you & a purely personal space which will hopefully resonate with young girls & women.

This is a candid account of everything in my life, be it my insecurities  about my skin, my life or my career. I love to write… and penning down my thoughts at the end of the day feels cathartic, especially when I get to write about all the things that I am passionate about.

In case you don’t know about me, I have been designing for the past 10 years. I never got my diploma in fashion & failed pattern making every semester, but I always knew that playing with fabric and colour was my forte! One of my biggest life lessons was given by my Illustration professor (when I once drew a disproportionate croqui and tried to fix my mistake) – “There is no such a thing as a mistake, it’s God’s hand playing. So, this may well be a disaster, but like anything else in life, it’s worth a shot!!

I live in Mumbai with my husband, my pet beagle, and my maid, Sindhu didi, who doubles up as my mother-in-law on occasion! And just like you all, a mom who tells me not to come home late at night!

So, read on to be a part of my journey!